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Andrew Wexler

Professional Translator Since 2017

About Me

I have been doing Japanese to English translation for three years and have been studying Japanese for over seven years. I received my bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where I also studied linguistics and was certified in Japanese to English translation. Additionally, I spent one year of my studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. My translation skills are highly adaptable, allowing me to be able to translate within a wide variety of text genres. I am currently residing in Tokyo, Japan and am available for any projects you might have!


I first reached out to Andrew when I was contracting with an overseas video site and needed a translation of my utility bill. It was a complicated contract, but he was quick to respond and take care of this for me. He really helped me out. The pricing was fair, and he handled everything very honestly and professionally. Given the chance, I would like to work with him again.



Andrew knows both languages and cultures very well. His translation is well crafted with good consideration to cultural contexts. We recommend him!


-Misa Murohashi Cartier


North American Post Publishing

Malena Rascón,

Racoon Publishers

Lately, I have been creating websites for English speaking users, but my English ability is limited, so I come to Andrew for help. He does not only translate the text, but also makes it sound natural to native English speakers. Thanks to him, I can make great websites that appeal to English speaking users. I’m sure I will be creating even better websites with him in the future.

-Yuki Mori

Web Designer

Rachel R. Kane,


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